Rumsey House Bed and Breakfast near Cache Creek
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Add on to your stay to make it extra special
one of my guests playing banjo while ducks listen - this was incredible!About Rumsey House - near Cache Creek in the Capay Valley

Sustainable and Low Carbon Footprint
Rumsey House works hard to use natural resources carefully.

  • Fully Solar Powered House as of 2015
  • We also use the sun to: dry our laundry, dry our fruit which we use in breakfasts, power driveway lights and fountains.
  • Shaded porches and shade trees keep our air-conditioning needs down.
  • Gray water from laundry waters shade trees.
  • We use sustainable products such as bamboo floors and even silky-soft bamboo sheets.
  • Chickens and ducks help keep weeds at bay and also fertilize our plants.
  • Water gardens stocked with native water plants and a variety of fish provide not only habitat for frogs and dragonflies, but also provide fertilized water for our plants. In the spring, you'll hear the pleasant chirp of breeding frogs.
  • An active bat community in our bat boxes provides entertainment and mosquito abatement. Don't worry, these tiny brown bats fly high in the sky and don't bother our guests.
  • Feeders, toyon trees and towering valley oaks attract a multitude of birds. In spring and summer, their dawn chorus is delightful. Hummingbirds buzz close by if you sit on our porch.fresh eggs at rumsey house

Camping Option
Reserve a quiet camp spot at Rumsey House. We now offer a campsite under tall trees. This site includes water, a fire pit, picnic tables, hot-tub use, free WIFI, cold-water shower and an indoor restroom. Fees: camping ($45), firewood ($6/bundle), breakfast for campers ($15/person). Contact us directly for more information: 530-507-8811.

Returning to the World Community
» TED talk by innkeepers Camilla Barry: "Camilla Trains Science Teachers in Afghanistan"

Camilla is also working with schools in Cambodia to bring her science teaching to their schools.

Camilla Barry is the owner and operator of Rumsey House B&B. She is a long-time science and natural history teacher - continuing on a part-time basis in California public schools while bringing her natural history interests to display around the grounds and interior of Rumey House. She founded the nonprofit Classrooms Across Cultures to train science teachers in Afghanistan and is now embarking on a project to assist schools in Cambodia.

Camilla kayaks Cache Creek and other rivers, hikes and camps and trail runs. She enjoys discovering swimming holes in rivers and ponds, especially along the Cache Creek watershed and the Sierras. She gathers wild foods for guest breakfasts and herbal medicines, as well as leading such cooking demonstrations as using wild pine nuts, honey, mushrooms and roses in recipes she has created.

Camilla is also an active member of the Capay Valley Science Club and plays regularly in the Davis Folk Orchestra.

2996 Rumsey Canyon Road (P.O. Box 84) Rumsey, CA 95679  |  530  507  8811  |